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DNA methylome (mCG/CG, txt files)

H1 CG methylation

ME CG methylation

NPC CG methylation

MSC CG methylation

TBL CG methylation

The methylome for IMR90 (as well as for H1) can be found here (Lister et al., Nature, 2009).

Transcriptome (BAM files)

H1 RNA rep1 H1 RNA rep2

ME RNA rep1 ME RNA rep2

NPC RNA rep1 NPC RNA rep2

MSC RNA rep1 MSC RNA rep2

TBL RNA rep1 TBL RNA rep2

IMR90 RNA rep1 IMR90 RNA rep2

Histone modifications and all sequencing reads

All sequencing reads, including those for mapping 13-24 types of histone modifications, have been deposited to the Sequence Read Archive (SRA) under accession number SRP000941

Supplementary Tables for Xie et al., Cell, 2003 (Microsoft Excel files)

Table S1: Lists of lineage-restricted coding genes and lncRNA identified in this study.

Table S2: Lists of all enhancers and lineage-restricted enhancers in each of the 6 cell types.

Table S3: Lists of motifs identified in lineage-restricted enhancers.

Table S4: Lists of predicted enhancer-promoter pairs for all lineage-restricted enhancers.

Table S5: Lists of LMRs and UMRs identified in each of the 6 cell types.

Table S6: Lists of all DMVs identified in each of the 6 cell types.

Table S7: Lists of all genes with promoters in DMVs, including those that are classified as oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.